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Detox Facial: Find Out Why Your Clients Need A Skin Detox And How

Every day, you face environmental stress that clogs your pores, causes inflammation and accelerates the aging process. With these challenges comes the need for new professional treatments that detoxify, protect and repair the skin. Read on for our guide to why detox facials are a must and how to perform one.

Why Your Clients Need A Skin Detox

Modern living exposes you to UV damage, pollution and blue light radiation - all of which wreak havoc on healthy skin. Under normal circumstances, the lymphatic system can efficiently clear out waste and toxins, helping to keep the damage under control. However, as Eminence Organics International Trainer Brian Goodwin explains: “Our lifestyles tend to block the lymphatic system from doing its job because of the stagnant nature of our lives.” As a result, waste and toxins build up and cause plenty of problems that present as acne, inflammation and the visible signs of aging.

A detox facial helps to remove impurities, pollutants and dead skin cells to revitalize the skin and support its health.

What to do? Book a detox facial. Eminence Organics Product Support Representative Alicia Hawthorne describes the benefits of a detoxifying treatment: “It allows the skin a fresh start. Detox stimulates a healthier environment for the skin and can encourage increased production of collagen and elastin. These changes can help increase cell turnover and improve the skin barrier overall.” A detox facial helps to remove impurities, pollutants and dead skin cells to revitalize the skin and support its health.

Ingredients To Detox The Skin

There are several ingredients to look for when selecting professional skin care for a detox facial. Here are five we recommend for their powerful detoxifying properties.


One skin care ingredient that is getting plenty of buzz (and for good reason) is mushroom. Mushrooms are adaptogens - a type of plant that helps the body adapt to changes and restore balance. Reishi mushroom is one of the most famous. With more than 400 bio-active compounds, this mushroom has powerful regenerative, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for the body and skin.


Another favorite is microgreens. These miniature plants, which include broccoli, radish and clover sprouts, harbor four to six times more nutrients than more mature plant varieties. They are brimming with vitamins and minerals that boost skin - and body - health. As USDA researcher Dr. Gene Lester explains: “All of these nutrients are extremely important for skin, eyes and fighting cancer and have all sorts of benefits associated with them.”

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